Single Acting Electronic Jacquard AO-EJ

AO-EJ is Single Acting Electronic Jacquard. Punch card data is read from AO or AO-Light3. The servo motor drive can eliminate cardon shaft and chain so that the workspace more spacious and safe.

Direct Jacquard AO-DJ

AO-DJ is attached to existing mechanical jacquard to control the jacquard loom electronically. There are Nishijin, Kiryu, and Endless types available.

Jacqurd Controller AO

AO is a jacquard controller compatible with SAWA/KYB and CGS/CGS II.

Jacqurd Controller AO-Light 3

AO-Light 3 is a jacquard controller compatible with SAWA/KYB and CGS II.

FD to USB Drive Convertion AO-Tasuke

Machines which only acccept FD data can now read data from USB memory. The size of Tasuke is exactly the same as the FD drive and easy to replace.

FD/USB Convertion without Computer

FD(CGS) and USB(CGSII) data are convertable in both directions without PC or Mac.

Punch Card Data Administration Software AO-MIKOSHI

This software manages the punch card data systematically and also converts CGS to CGS II and vice versa.

Data Package Writing System Shiro

The data package writing system enables one to write data through one's PC.

Process Administrative System Hitsuji

It manages all the processes for the textile industry including project planning along with goods and thread administration.

Process Administrative System Tecchan

This software administrates all the processes for the steel industry. It issues a statement of directions for polishing, slicing, welding, hardening, cutting and so on.

Business Hotel Systems.

This software supports hotel administration from booking to checkout.