FD to USB Drive Convertion AO-Tasuke

* "AO-Tasuke" is explained in the video.

Machines which only acccept FD data can now read data from USB memory.
The size of Tasuke is exactly the same as the FD drive and easy to replace.
Only the drive part is replaced and the machine itself can continue to be used.
The low-profile FD drive and the read/write type of Tasuke is also available.
It reads CGSII. Other types of data can be converted to readable Tasuke format.

====Validated Machines===
Weaving: Sawa, Kayaba, Takemura, Bonas, Jakob Mueller, Kilima-tech, Yoshida Machinery
Embroidery: Tajima Industries, Barudan, Juki, Broter Industries, Janome Sewing Machine, etc
Knit: Precision Fukuhara Works(20M, Sony 20M FDD, 30M, 100M), Okuma, Maruzen, Shima-seiki, etc
Chiffon: Hiraoka Industry, Nippon Mayer(MRGSF31/12SU, RJE7F-SU), Ogura Jewel Industry, Ichikawa Iron Works, etc
Socks: Nagata-seiki, Murata Manufacturing, etc
Printing: Mitsubishi Printing Machine, Aoyama Printing Machine, Komori Printing Machine, etc
Machine Tool: Various brands

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